Couples/Family Therapy

It’s common for couples, spouses and families to struggle. Conflict is inevitable and normal in intimate relationships and life. It’s also common for families to try to get through these struggles without help. This is not necessary. Phoenix, AZ therapists are available to assist you. At The Phoenix Institute For Psychotherapy, Ltd., we specialize in couples, marital, and family therapy. Our methods are designed to dig to the roots of the problems and properly diagnose the issues. We then partner with you to set goals and achieve reconstructive change in your lives.At The Phoenix Institute For Psychotherapy, Ltd., your highly qualified psychotherapist can help your family with a wide range of issues using a variety of methods, including:Psycho-diagnostic testing: To unearth problem areas, we perform comprehensive assessments and testing. We offer special expertise in The Rorschach Test. The Rorschach Test is perhaps the most powerful test in psychology.  Our testing reveals defense mechanisms, complexes, disabilities, strengths, and other potential issues. Using these results, we can diagnose and create a proper treatment plan for you, your spouse and/or your family.Conjoint marital and family therapy: With this approach, two or more patients are seen together in a therapy session. This is used for family therapy as well as couples therapy in Phoenix, AZ. During sessions, we help patients improve communication and coping skills. These sessions provide a safe place to bring up family issues that may be uncomfortable to discuss at home.

Chemical dependency: Millions of families are affected every day by alcohol and drug abuse problems. The issues involved often require family therapy to sort through the myriad struggles and begin healing in relationships. Our marriage and family therapy specialties include dealing with these issues of addiction and recovery.

Family conciliation issues: Our experts can offer professional advice for family court cases. We are often called upon for forensic assessment and consultation to assist in legal proceedings. We usually work under court order by the judge. The psychotherapists at The Phoenix Institute For Psychotherapy, Ltd. provide an informed, impartial opinion to assist in these matters.

Eating disorders treatment: Are you or your family member struggling with anorexia, bulimia or bulimarexia? A psychotherapist at PIP-MHC can help. We will get to the root of the issues and work on the causes behind these disorders.

With industry-leading qualifications, the psychotherapists at Phoenix Institute For Psychotherapy, Ltd. are expertly equipped to assist you and your family. Our highly qualified professionals are affiliated with the following organizations:

  • American Psychological Association
  • Arizona Psychological Association
  • International Association of Relational psychoanalysis and psychotherapy
  • International Soceity of Psychoanalytic Self-Psychology
  • Arizona Psychoanalytic Society – APS
  • National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology
  • International Relations Committee American Psychological Association Division 39 Psychoanalysis
  • American Association of Family Conciliation Courts
  • Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards

Psychological services are available to help your child through their struggles. Contact The Phoenix Institute For Psychotherapy, Ltd. today at 602-870-0991 to start their journey to a life of growth and healthy development.