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What is “mental health?” We at PIP-MHC believe that this is an ideal that we all aspire to, but can never reach because none of us are perfectly healthy, balanced, and forever stable. Life can always suddenly surprise us with a challenge that we were unprepared for. Some of us do better at achieving stability and balance than others, but we all try and we all want and need basically the same things. We all share the same emotions, although what might trigger a certain emotion, such as anger, in one may be different for another. We need to respect our differences, while at the same time asserting our closely held values and basic human needs.

Psychological assessment, especially psychodiagnostic testing, attempts to delineate and identify what the basic issues are and makes recommendations on what kind of interventions might best resolve these issues. Psychotherapy, especially psychoanalytic psychotherapy, tries to help a person get to the roots of his or her problems and helps the person work through possible solutions.

People who go for psychotherapy are not only taking constructive action to help themselves, but they are also making the world a better place to live.

-Felix Salomon, Ph.D., Psy.D.

For more information about World Mental Health Day, visit the World Health Organization (WHO)’s WMHD page. This year’s theme is “Dignity in #Mental Health“. #IAmStigmaFree #WMHD

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