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The Phoenix Institute For Psychotherapy, Ltd. offers comprehensive psychological services for individuals, families, couples, marriages, children, adolescents, and seniors. Our experienced professional staff apply Contemporary Psychoanalytic approaches along with Existential-Humanistic approaches and any other techniques that we  feel might help in the specific situation. We help individuals, marriages, and  families to make progress in their lives.

We do NOT work with any insurance payments, but we do provide some services on a modified sliding scale basis.

About The Phoenix Institute for Psychotherapy – Mental Health Center (PIP-MHC)


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The professionals at The Phoenix Institute For Psychotherapy, Ltd. offer over four decades of experience. We apply proven psychotherapy methods to establish a secure, confidential relationship with our patients and we work together to understand, overcome, and heal past issues. Our philosophy is that each patient is unique. This means therapy is open-ended: Therapy will take as long as it needs to take to accomplish the goals that we set together. We believe in seeing you as long as you need to be seen and as often as is best for you. Please understand that the scheduling for Psychotherapy sessions needs to be at least on a once per week basis for the therapy to accomplish its goals. Our services include mental health services for a wide range of circumstances and needs. We offer a safe, confidential atmosphere for individuals and families of all ages.

The staff at PIP-MHC share a common therapeutic orientation in Contemporary Psychoanalytic and Existential-Humanistic approaches. Our methods combine Freudian Psychoanalysis with contemporary psychoanalytic theories. We address not only the symptoms you are experiencing, but also and mainly the causes of those symptoms. Childhood experiences, dream interpretation, daytime fantasies and the primacy of emotional experiences come together to form the cause of a person’s problems and issues. Together, the doctor and patient set and reach goals concerning these issues. Individuals, couples, and families have benefited from the comprehensive services we offer, which include the following:

  • We offer psychological services for a wide range of patients, including adult-individual, child, adolescent, couples/marital, family, and group therapy.
  • Our therapists are highly trained and experienced, offering empirically- supported psychotherapeutic methods.
  • We offer a safe, confidential atmosphere.
  • We believe in open-ended Psychotherapy, therefore, we do not limit your sessions.
  • We are affiliated with a number of professional organizations, including the American Psychological Association and more.


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